Kenya Visa Information

Types of Visas:-
The Kenya immigration ministry passed a new regulation (from 1st July 2015) – requiring that travelers to Kenya apply for visas online. However the Transit Visa and East Africa Visa can still be issued at the point of entry. Children 16 years old and below do not require a Visa for travel to Kenya.
Single Entry Visa – $51
The Single Entry Visa is for a single visit to Kenya, is valid for up to 3 months from date of issue, and is for a visit not exceeding 3 months. This visa should be applied for via the official online application portal – or
Multiple Entry Visa – $100
A multiple entry visa will allow for multiple visits to Kenya and is valid for 1 year. This visa is however not available online and should be applied for at the immigration offices in Nairobi. Visitors wishing to apply for the multiple entry visa will need to begin by applying for the single entry visa online after which/upon confirmation and arrival in Kenya can then visit the immigration office to apply for the multiple entry visa.
East Africa Visa – $100
The East Africa Visa is a joint visa for the purpose of tourism travel to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda and is valid for 90 days. The East Africa Visa holder can travel from any one of these countries/the country of issue to either one of the other two without paying any additional visa fee. This visa can be acquired on arrival or manually by writing to the Kenya, Uganda, or Tanzania diplomatic representation or immigration offices in one’s own country.
Transit Visa – $21
The Transit Visa is for a short stay of up to 3 days in Kenya. It can be given on arrival in Kenya or online via or
Please Note:
1) Nationals of category 1 countries and persons of the Kenya visa regulations do not need a visa to travel to Kenya. Included in the exemption are those on direct transit i.e. those who will not need to leave the international airport’s transit lounge before their next flight out, and those from countries that have visa abolition agreements with Kenya. Please visit – and for the listing.
2) The Kenya online visa application is applicable to visitors/visa applicants/nationals of category 2 countries of the Kenya visa regulations. A list of these countries and persons is available on – and
3) Nationals and persons in category 3 of the Kenya visa regulations are required to apply for the referred visa sent directly to the Director of Immigration Services Nairobi – at least one month prior to visiting the country. The list of category 3 countries and persons is available on – and
4) A valid passport with a minimum 6 months before expiry and at least 2 blank visa pages are required in order to apply for a visa to Kenya. One will also be required to upload a passport size photo for online application. For all visa application requirements visit –, or
5) The Kenya online visa application process allows one to apply and make payment online. The visa fee, payable in dollars, is non-refundable, even in cases where the application is refused.