Kenya Filming Safari

Let the experienced Iruko Kenya Safaris team be your Kenya Filming Safari organizer.

What we can do for you:-

  • Provide suitable all-terrain vehicles for filming in various locations in Kenya.
  • Provide the best accommodation on your filming safari including tented accommodation on location.
  • Provide air medical evacuation services cover for the filming duration.
  • Connect you with authorized agents who will on arrival to the country, clear your imported equipment with the Kenya customs authority. The agent will advise on the customs bond charged in lieu of import duty and the documents accompanying the customs bond application.
  • Iruko Kenya Safaris will link you to a registered Kenya film agent who will:-
  1. Apply for the relevant filming permits and licenses from the Kenya ministry of communication, department of filming services – also advising on the documents required for the film license applications.
  2. Offer the service of applying for special passes/temporary work permits for each of the filming crew members from Kenya’s department of immigration. This is based on successful application of the film license.
  3. The film agent will assist with location scouting and accompany you on location/provide fixers.
  4. Notify the relevant local authorities on filming destinations.
  5. Organize for the hiring of filming equipment if need be.