Mombasa – Coastal Kenya

irukokenyasafaris - Mombasa - Sarova WhiteSands Beach ResortMombasa is a coastal city – the second largest city in Kenya – culturally rich with a mixture of Portuguese, European, Arabic and Swahili influence. Mombasa is about sandy beaches and coral gardens, beach front resorts next to the Indian Ocean, early settlement museums, and marine national parks and reserves that are home to a variety of marine life. This Kenyan coast region is commonly regarded in five regions – Mombasa city, the north coast, the south coast, Malindi and Lamu.
– Marine parks and reserves including – the Mombasa Marine Park located in Mombasa town is a place to enjoy glass bottom boat trips to see the coral, Watamu Marine National Reserve – where migrant bird species dwell frequently, Malindi Marine National Park in the north coast – thrives with high fish variety. The Kiunga National Marine Reserve in Lamu is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve consisting of about 50 islands, some of which are nesting places for migratory birds. Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park in Ukunda is made up of four small islands.
– The Arabuko sokoke Forest Nature Reserve north of Mombasa is the largest stretch of coastal dry forest remaining in Eastern Africa. It is a forest of butterflies – around 260 species. Also found there are many species of amphibians, mammals, plants and birds.
– In Mombasa there are a variety of water sports and recreations to enjoy. The Kiunga National Marine Reserve and the Mombasa Marine Reserve are only some of the sites for windsurfing, water skiing, diving, and snorkeling.
– Early settlements and museums – The famous Fort Jesus built in 1593 by the Portuguese is a typical exhibition of Portuguese military architecture now displaying archeological findings. Some other museums and settlements include the Rabai, Mnarani, Gede and Malindi museums. In Lamu (the oldest Swahili town in East Africa and a UNESCO world heritage site) there are four museums. Jumba la mwana is a 13th century Swahili settlement with remnants of domestic houses.