Lake Turkana and Turkana Attractions

irukokenyasafaris - Lake Turkana - KenyaTraveling to Turkana in north Kenya is said to be a journey to a whole new world. A place that is interestingly different and where there can be no excuse for failing to unwind and even get new inspiration quietly. The flight from Nairobi to Turkana is an aerial exhibition of Kenya’s varying landscape featuring the Aberdare mountains, Laikipia plains, Suguta valley; closer to Turkana the scenery changes to display desert features with the gleaming Lake Turkana, formerly Lake Rudolf – the biggest desert lake in the world.
– Aerial views – on safari to Turkana, the aerial view of the rugged scenery below showing off Lake Turkana – the jewel in Kenya’s arid north also known as the Jade Sea. In the lake are islands, for instance the south island and the central island which are also national parks.
– Wildlife – Although it may first seem like there is a lack of fauna in Turkana, this Kenyan north country actually does host some wildlife. Large numbers of Nile crocodile are found in the island camps, so that central island is even referred to as Crocodile Island. Hippos flourish there too.
Apart from having the Koobi Fora Museum/archaeological site, the Sibiloi National Park on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana has wildlife like the somali ostrich, zebra, giraffe, topi and gazelle. Lake Turkana is an important layover for migrating water birds as well as an essential breeding and nesting ground for birds such as the Goliath Heron. Flamingos and birds of prey are among the numerous birds recorded in the lake. The sibiloi National Park, the South Island National Park and the Central Island National Park are together a World Heritage Site identified as the Lake Turkana National Parks.
– Culture – Turkana is the place to go for a completely different lifestyle experience. Cultural visits can be made to the local Turkana, Samburu and Elmolo villages. The Elmolo people are the smallest tribe in Kenya. The yearly Lake Turkana Cultural Festival is a widely known cultural festival of song, dance, and cultural exhibition that brings together all tribes residing in the region, including the Gabra and Borana people.
– Leisure activities – Turkana day and overnight safaris are expeditions within the region. The trips can be walking, driving, or camel safaris to go bird watching, bush dining, fishing and/or boating to the Lake Turkana Islands, and for cultural visits. Turkana is not all desert, there are grassland and oasis areas. Loiyangalani, locally meaning “place of many trees” is a green area as is Eliye Springs area. Many of the hotels/camps/lodges in Turkana are set in greatly appealing spots – some under the natural shade of doum palms, some with amenities including natural pools to cool in.