Lake Naivasha

irukokenyasafaris - Elsamere - Lake NaivashaFrom Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is the first of the Great Rift Valley lakes. At 1884 meters above sea level, the lake is the highest of the rift valley lakes. The fresh water lake is at an appealing location encircled by other attractive features like the adjacent alkaline Lake Oloiden and Crater Lake, and the next door Crescent Island Park.
– Walking Safaris – it is not usual – the fact that Lake Naivasha is a destination within vicinity of the Crescent Island private park and the Hell’s Gate National Park, two of very few parks in Kenya where visitors can embark on walking safari among the wildlife, even enjoying outdoor meals/picnics.
– Boating safaris – fishing and birding are activities that will easily come about while drifting leisurely in the shallow Lake Naivasha. Boats are on hand in Lake Oloiden as well, especially when flamingos have migrated to the lake.
– Birding – The entire Lake Naivasha environ is known to be one of the best birding locations in Kenya with over 400 species recorded. Water birds like the pelican are especially drawn to the lake. Lake Oloiden is one of a couple of the rift valley lakes where migrating flamingos settle.
– Wildlife encounters – in Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park, Crescent Island, Crater Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, visitors get the uncommon experience of close meetings with the wildlife particularly the herbivores like the giraffe, antelopes and zebra. There are plenty of Hippos in Lake Naivasha that show up on land at night to graze. Colobus monkeys spend time on the yellow acacia trees at around the lake.