Meru National Park

irukokenyasafaris - Rhino River Camp - Meru National ParkThe 870sq km Meru National Park is described as the Complete Wilderness – unspoilt nature. The park has wide ranging natural features. It is a harmonious hilly, semi – arid, swampy, and bushy illustration bordered by the rivers Tana, Ura, and Rojeweru. Numerous streams flow about the park from the Nyambene Hills sustaining flora and fauna. There is opportunity to go fishing.
– Meru National Park’s uniqueness also lies in being among the exclusive Kenyan parks that host the rare Five Northern Species (Somali Ostrich, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe and the Beisa Ostrich) otherwise known as the special five. The Big Five animals are present in the park. Hippos, crocodiles, the eland, cheetah, waterbuck and hartebeest are the other wildlife commonly found in the park. There is a rhino sanctuary located in the Meru National Park that hosts both the black and white rhino. 300 bird species have been recorded in the Meru National Park.
– The Leopard rock and Mughwango rock, the kiolu river falls, and the Adamson’s falls, are some of the major attractions to explore in the Park.
– There is opportunity to go fishing in one of the numerous rivers reticulating the Meru National Park – at the Tana River or Rojewero River for example. Some other outdoor activities to enjoy there include bush meals, against the backdrop of some of the park’s best sceneries or at visitors’ favorite locations. This photogenic park even presents a view of the Mt Kenya. Bush walks and hiking are some of the more energetic activities to go for. The “kilimajero” is a small extinct volcanic crater that visitors climb to discover a small hidden forest inside and to have an all-round view of the park.