Hells Gate National Park

Iruko Kenya Safaris - Hells Gate National ParkThe Hells Gate National Park is a scenic 68sq km national park favorably close to the placid Lake Naivasha. Driving North West of Nairobi, the Great Rift Valley is a remarkable sight that will – after a short deep drive end up in the Hells Gate National Park – where very quickly the rock towers and gorges will not wait to be discovered. The park is widely known as one of the few parks in Kenya where visitors can set out on a walking safari among the neighbourly wildlife without an official guide.
Attractions and activities:-
– Game viewing – the Hells Gate National Park grasslands is where the zebra, eland, thomson’s gazelle, eland, hartebeest and even buffalo graze peaceably. Others in the park are the baboons, giraffe and serval cat.
– The Olkaria Geothermal Spa – the lately established geothermal spa is a unique attraction located in Hell’s Gate – a recreational area/gigantic pool with hot underground therapeutic waters.
– Rock climbing – the red rock walls in Hells Gate are favourable for the sport of climbing. Many climbers enjoy the Fischer’s Tower in the park.
– Walking and biking safaris – Apart from driving around the park’s tourist circuits, there are bicycles offered for hire for cycling around also. Un-guided walking safaris in Hells Gate National Park can even lead into the Ol Njorowa Gorge for a gorge walk even though carefully.
– Bird Watching – During a single visit Hell’s Gate National Park, visitors are assured being able to see up to 30 of the 103 bird species recorded in the park. A large number of swifts have made a home on the huge cliffs in the park. The cliffs are also a breeding place for birds like the vultures, augur buzzard, verreaux’s eagle and the very rare lammergeier/bearded vulture. The mervyn carnelley raptor hide is a one of a kind opening where visitors can view birds of prey closely and take pictures.
– Camping and picnics – to camp or have a picnic in Hells Gate is to also enjoy fantastic views of near and far places since the camping and picnic sites are suitably set on scenic the cliff tops.